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Why Join DBT Center Chicago?

At DBT Center Chicago, joining our team means more than just taking on a role; it means making a real difference. As a leader in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, we are committed to delivering comprehensive, evidence-based treatments for complex emotional regulation difficulties, borderline personality disorder, and a spectrum of behavioral challenges.

Here, your work transcends the ordinary—it's a calling. We cultivate an environment rich in growth, learning, and tangible impact. Equipped with the necessary tools and training, you'll contribute to a therapeutic atmosphere where healing thrives and personal development is paramount.

If your passion is in mental health and you’re seeking a career that promises professional advancement as well as profound engagement, DBT Center Chicago offers the perfect platform. Join our mission to transform lives and redefine the standards of mental health care.

Our Values

Embrace Your True Self

We value the power of authenticity. Our team culture encourages sharing and learning from personal experiences, cultivating honesty and vulnerability as strengths. This openness fosters personal growth and enhances our collective approach to compassionate care.

Deep Compassion for Complex Challenges

As a final hope for traumatized and suicidal clients, we are devoted to treating each individual with utmost respect and empathy. We provide a safe, supportive environment for the most vulnerable, ensuring they receive the specialized, compassionate care they need during their most challenging times.

Evolving At The Forefront of DBT

Committed to the latest developments in DBT, we ensure our practice upholds the highest standards. We emphasize adherence to DBT protocols, including session tape adherence-coding and clinician certification, positioning us as leaders in delivering exceptional, up-to-date DBT care.

Together, We Achieve More

Collaboration is essential in our center. We thrive on teamwork, valuing mutual support and shared goals. Recognizing the power of collective effort, we believe that together, we can provide the best care and achieve greater outcomes.

Empowerment Through Initiative

We foster a culture of proactive, self-driven development. Encouraging our team to actively pursue personal and professional growth, we enhance not only individual expertise but also our collective strength in delivering unparalleled DBT care. Your initiative here not only shapes your career but also elevates the quality of care we provide.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

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Professional Growth

Work and learn alongside DBT-certified clinicians, benefiting from their expertise. With access to ongoing training and industry events, you’re not just joining a team, you’re joining a journey of continuous professional growth in a supportive environment.

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Life-Changing Impact

Engage in profoundly rewarding work by providing care to vulnerable, high-risk clients. Our center gives you the unique opportunity to make a tangible difference, often saving lives and helping individuals rebuild hope and resilience.

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Work-Life Balance

We understand the unique demands of mental health professions and prioritize a healthy balance between your work and personal life. Our supportive approach helps you manage professional responsibilities while also attending to your personal well-being.

Open Positions

Job Description: DBT Therapist at DBT Center Chicago

Chicago, IL

Position Type: Hybrid (Combination of In-Person and Remote Work)

Company Overview:
DBT Center Chicago is a premier provider of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) services, dedicated to delivering comprehensive, evidence-based treatments for emotional regulation difficulties, borderline personality disorder, and other behavioral concerns.

Team Environment and Culture:
At DBT Center Chicago, you'll be joining a supportive and collaborative team environment. Our culture is one of mutual respect, continuous learning, and dedication to our clients. We believe in fostering a workplace where every team member’s contribution is valued, and where we collectively strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.

Position Overview:
As a DBT Therapist, you'll play a critical role in our team, providing individual and group therapy sessions using the DBT model, and contributing to the growth and success of our clients and center. You'll collaborate with our consult team, administrative staff, and offer 24/7 skills phone coaching, ensuring continuous support for our clients.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Clinical Duties:
- Conduct individual and group DBT therapy sessions, totaling a minimum of 23 client-facing hours per week.
- Dedicate additional hours to administrative tasks, continuous learning, phone coaching, and participation in weekly consult team meetings, for a total of approximately 30 hours per week.
- Engage in training, supervision, and self-directed learning to maintain adherent DBT methodologies with session-tape reviews for protocol adherence.
- Pursue DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC) certification when eligible.

2. Collaboration & Communication:
- Collaborate closely with our consult team to ensure the highest standards of care and DBT fidelity.
- Work with the administrative staff member for scheduling, billing, and client coordination.

3. Professional Development:
- Stay updated with the latest in DBT research and development.
- Participate in regular training sessions and workshops.

4. Documentation & Compliance:
- Maintain accurate and timely client records.
- Ensure strict client confidentiality.

- Advanced degree in psychology, social work, counseling, or a related field.
- Licensed or license-eligible in Illinois.
- Experience in behavioral therapy.
- Strong clinical skills and knowledge.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Formal DBT training.
- Independent licensure in Illinois.
- 2+ years of clinical experience.
- Experience in a DBT-centric environment.

- Highly competitive bundled pay structure: $70-$100 per direct service hour, inclusive of other responsibilities.
- Comprehensive benefits package (medical, dental, vision).
- Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Leave.
- Professional development opportunities.
- Supportive environment with regular consultation and supervision.

Hybrid Work Structure:
- Flexible balance of in-office and remote work, responsive to client needs.
- Adaptive scheduling and planning.

How to Apply: Submit CV, cover letter, and references to Dr. Kate Sowder at Open until filled.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement: DBT Center Chicago is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion.