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“Literally lifesaving. I started at DBT Center during the darkest, most seemingly hopeless mental health crisis of my life. I could not imagine my life ever feeling bearable again. 2+ years later, I am happier than I've ever been, with relationships more healthy and fulfilling than I ever thought imaginable.”

Arielle R.

Is DBT the answer for you?
Explore DBT, the transformative therapy designed to foster emotional balance, nurture relationships, and curb harmful behaviors. If any of these resonate, DBT could be your path to transformation.
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Emotional Overwhelm
You frequently experience emotions that are intense and overwhelming, making it difficult to function in daily life.
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Emotional Numbness
At times, you feel emotionally numb or disconnected from yourself or others.
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Relationship Challenges
You struggle to maintain stable relationships, often experiencing intense conflict or fear of abandonment.
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Emotional Swings
Your mood or emotions fluctuate rapidly, leaving you feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster.
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Feeling Misunderstood
You often feel misunderstood or struggle to express your feelings effectively.
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Impulsive Behaviors
You engage in impulsive or harmful behaviors, such as substance use, reckless spending, or self-harm.
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You often grapple with a sense of inadequacy, occasionally experiencing emptiness or confusion regarding your true self.

What makes us different?

We're your dedicated DBT experts.

As a comprehensive DBT center in Chicago and Greater Illinois, we are passionate about DBT and the positive changes it brings.
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Exclusive provider of comprehensive DBT in the region
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Team of dedicated DBT professionals
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Practice based on proven scientific methods

We custom tailor your path to healing.

We craft customized care plans that cater to your unique needs, ensuring your path to healing is truly your own.
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Personalized Assessments and Goal Setting
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Targeted Strategies for Your Individual Challenges
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Ongoing Adjustments for Optimal Progress

We don't just treat - we transform.

We're here to provide the tools, support, and guidance for your journey to positive change and personal growth.
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Tailored techniques for lasting transformation
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Encouragement of self-discovery and resilience
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Ongoing support for your journey

We deliver tangible outcomes.

We are committed to delivering proven results—measurable, positive outcomes that mark your journey toward lasting change and well-being.
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Evidence-based techniques for consistent progress
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Measurable outcomes for every client
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Continuous monitoring and adjustment

Guided by compassion, led by experience.

Our team of DBT experts is dedicated to your well-being, drawing from years of expertise to provide you with the highest quality of care and support.
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Compassionate professionals who understand
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Years of expertise and specialized training
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We cultivate a warm, positive environment
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Legitimately life changing. Kate and her team are extremely dedicated and caring. I am so grateful to have found them
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Stephen H.

June, 2023
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As a provider it’s always challenging to find other reputable places to refer to when we have someone who can’t be accommodated by us due to state restrictions with Telehealth. I am ALWAYS looking for practices with certified clinicians on the team, especially in leadership. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer here and appreciate the ease of being able to refer to another comprehensive DBT center but in the Chicago area.
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Shaelene L.

September, 2023
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DBT Center Chicago provides high-quality, effective, and compassionate treatment. The clinicians are true experts in their field. You can tell that they care about what they are doing and are constantly striving to do better. DBT is a very difficult treatment to deliver, but the clinicians at this center know what they are doing. I would recommend them to anyone!
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Anuprit K.

July, 2020
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Dr. Sowder is empathetic, passionate, and skilled at what she does. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients.  I highly recommend DBT Center Chicago for excellent one-on-one DBT therapy and helpful group sessions.
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Irene H.

August, 2021
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I would highly recommend DBT Center Chicago for DBT in the Chicagoland area. The therapists here are really passionate about what they do and have excellent training and skills. They're also friendly and easygoing.  The 24/7 phone coaching is a huge perk, and it shows how much they really care about their clients.

Syane R.

February, 2021
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Dr. Sowder is a brilliant clinician and an even better listener. I can't recommend her highly enough!
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Matt A.

April, 2019

Transform your emotions with DBT Center Chicago.

Master your emotions, build a stronger life.
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